March 26, 2012

Euro-ish: Hunter's Euro-inspired Mazda Miata

Euro-ish: Hunter's Euro-inspired Mazda Miata
Words & Photography by: Jasper Ash

For some, there will always be a special place in their heart for European automotive engineering. For those like myself, it will come from a place of envy and lust. I have never owned a VW, Audi, or BMW. However a "Euro" car will always catch my attention - even a stock one. But for those like Hunter, simply wanting a Volkswagen doesn't cut it. Some time back, Hunter found himself having a hard time hanging on to a lease on a new Volkswagen Golf. Unfortunately he found it in his best interest to return the vehicle and pick up something more affordable. Having little funds and a less than desirable credit rating, picking up a late model car was out of the question. Hunter soon found himself headed to Miami with a handful of cash and a Craigslist add and put himself in a street legal go kart - a 1993 Mazda Miata. Hunter then headed back to Orlando with an 18 year old car that was a few short miles away from what would be a world of headaches to the average Joe. But looking at the car today, you would have never known.

As radiators blew and water pumps failed, Hunter's mod list began to grow. It wasn't long before the engine was out and the rebuilds began. Hunter saw something special in his Miata so he treated it adequately. Once the car is was in long-term operational order, Hunter reverted back his Euro roots and did the only thing any dub-loving young adult would: He threw it on the ground!

The mods continued. Wheels, interior, hard top, it all had to be modded. Hunter completed the car with a final piece of European flare. A European rear tag bracket from the UK. Today his car rules the streets of south florida as the Euro-ish Mazda Miata. And it takes a lot of patience to daily drive a car that is this low. Not long ago, Hunter snapped his differential arms on a man-hole cover and showered the streets with a beautiful arrangement of sparks and debris. But Hunter wasn't to be discouraged as he knew that it's all a part of the game. His Miata is still going strong. No matter how many times he's cornered into fixing this or repairing that.

-Beat Rush shift collar
-Flny'n Miata Stage 1 Happy Meal kit
-10lb flywheel
-Mishimoto 3 core race radiator
-Mishimoto slim fan shroud
-Mishimoto pipping
-1" raised motor
-1/4" steel skid plate
-Racing Beat intake
-5 Zigen header
-5 Zigen super lap exhaust
-Magnaflow high-flow cat
-Torssen 4.1 LSD

-BC Racing coilovers
-Braided steel break lines
-Slotted rotors
-Compomotive MO1580 (15x8 et 0)
-Toyo T1R -195/45/15
-Camber: -5 degree rear / -4.5 degrees front

-Bride seats (Canadian)
-Partially gutted interior
-Full NRG quick release with wheel
-JDM bubble shift knob
-Hard Dog X brace roll bar
-Cup holders
-Nagisa Auto single lock super-low seat rails
-Touge Run front lip
-OEM R-spec rear lip
-Euro bracket rear
-Euro glass headlights
-6K HIDs
-Rally Mirror

This is one of those feature that cannot be complete with a few simple photographs. So following an afternoon of shooting, I pieced together this video exclusively for Daily Detergent.

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  1. OMG!!! I love the car, I love the summer in it!